SAAS Tachometer Tacho 0-8K Shiftlite 3-1/2 Gauge 89mm Black Streetline Series

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SG21261 Tachometer 0-8K Shiftlight 3 1/2" (89mm) Black Street Series
Accurately knowing your engine speed can assist you to keep your engine in a safe operating range. Our New for '22 SAAS Streetline Tachometer not only provides an accurate RPM reading but the included Shiftlight signals the driver at each pre-selected shift point. Nominate your shift point with the easy to use dial conveniently located on the gauge face.

•  80mm Body OD / 89mm Bezel OD
•  0 – 8000 RPM Range
•  Compatible with 99.9% of petrol engines.
•  We have you covered with a choice of 1 to 8 cylinders for single or multi-coil engines.
•  Generally this means no Tach Adaptor Required - However Some engines may need a Tach Adapter
•  CAN-BUS Compatibility accommodates VE Commodore and FG Falcon owners
•  Built in adjustable Shift Light Indicator with easy-to-use dial
•  7 Colour Back light options

•  Series: Streetline
•  Bezel OD: 89mm / 3 1/2"
•  Body OD: 80mm / 3 1/8"
•  Engine TYPE: Petrol Only
•  Range: 0-8000k
•  Lighting: LED Multi-select 7 Colour
•  Type: Electronic
•  Wiring Loom: SG2161

Suitable for:
•  Petrol Car Engines 
•  Holden Commodore VE
•  Ford Falcon FG