SAAS Tachometer for Muscle Series 0-9000 RPM Shift Lite 3 1/2in 90mm Dash Black

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SG31642 Tachometer 0-9K Shiftlite 3 1/2" In Dash Black


• Maximum (Peak) RPM Recall - see your max RPM then clear the data at the touch of a button.
• Built-In Pre-Shift Light Warning will illuminate when a pre-set RPM is reached.
• Main Shift Light Indicator will illuminate and sound a warning tone will sound when a pre-set RPM is reached.
• Compatible with 99.9% of petrol engines. We have you covered with a choice of 1 to 9 cylinders for single or multi-coil engines. NO tach adaptor required.
• CAN-BUS Compatability, VE Commodore and FG Falcon.
• OLED Multifunction Display window shows all user functions and setup functions.
• Advanced Multi-Colour LED Lighting with 5 levels of dimming for each mode. Available colours include Red, Green, Blue, White.
• Adjustable Needle Viewing Angle. Get a 100% read on your analogue needle.
• Fitting Instructions - Supplied with gauge & available upon request prior to purchase.


• Diameter - 89mm / 3 1/2" (Front of outer face rim = 90mm - Barrell size is 80mm)
• Range - 0-9000 RPM
• Lighting LED - Multi-select 4 Colour
• Type - Electronic
• Bracket - SG31015
• Loom - SG3164