SAAS Performance Engine Oil Temp 52mm Analog Gauge Black Face 4 Colour Lighting

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Performance Transmission / Gearbox Oil Temperature Gauge, 52mm Electric Analog


• Black Dial Face
• Electrical Type
• Ranging from 50 to 150 Degrees
• 4 Colour selectable backlight via button on gauge.
• Includes All Hardware, Senders and Fitting Instructions


• 12 Volt Application
• 4,6 & 8 Cylinder Engines


The sender is most commonly piggy backed off the OE oil pressure sender/switch using a brass T-Adaptor. Alternatively, consider using a SAAS oil filter sandwich plate listed in our store under models/engines that provides up to 3 sender ports for accessories.

Should the standard sender wire not be long enough, splice in an additional length of wire with a gauge NO GREATER than supplied loom wire. SAAS recommends <= 20AWG wire. Use of a heavier gauge wire or of too greater length will impact resistance and distort temperature readings.