SAAS Pedal Box S Drive Electronic Throttle Controller for Chevrolet Trax 2013 >

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SAAS S-Drive Throttle Controller


• Perfect for towing as it gets you up to speed quicker
• Shortens response time between accelerator and throttle
• Controller Interface Panel Dimensions: 53mm x 35mm x 8mm
• Reduces/eliminates lag by giving you the ability to adjust the throttle's sensitivity
• Plug and play technology for easy DIY installation, No wiring required
• Works on modern vehicles that use fly by wire throttle technology or vehicles without an accelerator cable
• Suits all types of transmissions, Manual & Automatic and petrol/diesel engines
• It can be adjusted to suit any driving style with 5 driving modes to choose from

Driving Modes:

• Comfort Mode
• Sports Mode
• Performance Mode
• Eco Mode
• Original Mode

Suitable for Chevrolet Trax (From 2013-Onwards)