SAAS Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Kit SGAP3 M26 x 1.5

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SGAP3-2615 Oil Filter Sandwich Plate and Filter Bolt Kit M26x1.5 Thread

If you're running aftermarket gauges and/or lights, chances are you'll need a way of mounting the associated senders/switches into an oil gallery. This may be done for a single additional sender via one of our brass adaptors, but if you have multiple senders, or have space constraints, then we recommend our sandwich plate adaptor kits as your best solution.


  • Suits popular filters with a M26x1.5 Thread (see Fitting Notes below)
  • Sealing face diameter 60mm ID / 90mm OD
  • 90mm diameter and 28mm thick sandwich plate
  • 3 x 1/8-27 NPT accessory ports (blanking plugs supplied)
  • Locates between your engine block and oil filter and allows for the installation of gauge senders to suit our SAAS range of gauges

Fitting Notes:

Remove your oil filter and check the length of the filter bolt – from the bolt flange to the end of the bolt MUST BE LESS THAN 20mm for this kit to be suitable.

If OE bolt length is >=28mm, you will need to use SGAP6-2615 and check for overall filter clearance

  • Check you overall clearance from the end of your installed oil filter to ensure you can remove/service the oil filter
  • Ensure your oil filter has the correct thread size and will seal against the sandwich plate face
  • If you are unsure of your filter thread, we recommend you use a filter manufacturer website to search for your vehicle's filter and obtain the relevant specs for the appropriate filter
  • Mock up your sandwich plate with your intended accessories/senders/switches - HAND TIGHTEN ONLY at this stage
  • Clean oil filter mount face and dummy fit the sandwich plate and bolt to the engine block by HAND TIGHTENING the oil filter adaptor bolt. The sandwich plate must seat flush against the block and not be able to be rotated once the oil filter adaptor bolt is hand nipped up. If you are able to rotate the sandwich plate at this point, you most likely have an oil pump bolt that is not suitable with the sandwich block.
  • Once you are sure you have no rotation, remove the sandwich plate and provide a smear of oil to the gasket face and re-seat against the block.
  • Slowly align the sandwich plate so your accessory outlets are facing the desired direction.
  • Carefully tighten the oil filter adaptor bolt to 60Nm (44 ft lbs) whilst ensuring the plate does not rotate and avoid pinching/twisting the plate-to-block gasket.
  • Remove and re-seat your accessories/senders/switches - even though these are 1/8NPT ports, it is recommended you apply a small amount of thread sealer or PTFE tape to avoid possible leaks.
  • Proceed with oil filter installation per OE requirements.