SAAS GPS Speedometer Speedo for Muscle Series >220 Kph 3 1/2in / 90mm Dash Black

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SG31632 Speedometer 0-220 KPH 3 1/2" In Dash Black


• Separate TRIP A and TRIP B Odometer
• Maximum (Peak) Speed Recall
• Built-In Adjustable Speed Alert
• Read Speed in either KPH or MPH
• Transfer your vehicle's original odometer reading onto the digital display.
• Multi-Vehicle Pulse Rate Selector input that works with all electronic speed generators (optional parts may be required for cable driven speedometers).
• OLED Multifunction Display window shows all user functions and setup functions.
• Advanced Multi-Colour LED Lighting with 5 levels of dimming for each mode. Available colours include Red, Green, Blue, White.
• Adjustable Needle Viewing Angle. Get a 100% read on your analogue needle.
• Fitting Instructions - Supplied with gauge & available upon request prior to purchase.


• Diameter - 89mm / 3 1/2" (Front of outer face rim = 90mm - Barrell size is 80mm)
• Range 0-220 KPH/MPH
• Lighting - LED Multi-select 4 Colour
• Type - Electronic
• Bracket - SG31015
• Loom - SG3163

SG31650 Speedometer GPS Sensor and Antenna


• Direct match to our SG31631/SG31632 in-dash speedometers
• Super fast and easy install (when mated to SAAS Speedometers)
• High Accuracy with 0.2% deviation (cable drive speedos are typically 3-5%)
• Can mate to any Speedometer, Odometer or Tachograph
• Calculates 3 dimensional ground speed and provides a pulsed output with a high degree of accuracy

• Velocity < 0.06m/sec (~ 0.22 kph)
• Altitude to within 10m
• Horizontal to within 5m

• Anti GPS Drift technology
• Shockproof and circuit protected
• Pulse compensation for when driving through tunnels (5000 pulses per km)
• Low current draw
• Fast satellite acquisition time

• First time setup < 60sec
• Temporary power loss < 13 sec
• Loss of satellite lock < 2sec

Cable Assignment:

• RED: Power + DC8~32V (may require resistor in higher V installs)
• BLACK: Ground/Earth
• GREEN: Speed Pulse Signal +'ve output
• BLUE: Speed Pulse Signal -'ve output