SAAS Deep Dish Steering Wheel Kit Including Deep Dish Horn Button Poly 380mm

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SW25912-1003 - Steering Wheel Kit Including Deep Dish Horn Button Poly 15" Classic Black Alloy

Check out our NEW kit including a deep dish steering wheel and horn button. Designed to be used when a short boss kit is required, to allow clearance where the steering column protrudes beyond the opening face of the steering wheel.

These 15" diameter steering wheels provide a sharp and stylish look to any vehicle, but particularly to classics that in period would have had a deep dished wheel. Thinner on the grip than "later styled" sports wheels, the larger diameter also makes them perfect in larger vehicles.


  • Deep Dish Steering Wheel
  • Deep Dish Horn Button
  • Polyurethane grip for durability
  • Finger grips on rear of wheel for increased feel
  • Satin Black Alloy Spokes
  • Spoke Feature: Solid 
  • 15”/380mm Diameter

NB: - these wheels are NOT ADR complied and as such are suited to pre 1971 vehicles in the Australian market.

Ensure correct fitment by using one of our boss kits.