OzCharge Oc-Pro1200 Pro Series 12V 12Amp 9-Stage Battery Charger for Recondition

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OC-PRO1200 Battery Charger and Maintainer

Key Features:

• 100% automatic smart battery charger & maintainer with reconditioning.
• The battery charger is easy to use and requires no technical experience.
• Fully microprocessor controlled with safety timers at every stage.
• Battery condition analysis.
• Selectable Battery Type.
• Selectable Charge Rate.
• Patented battery rejuvenation (reconditioning).
• Manual rejuvenation activation option.
• Battery voltage retention analysis.
• Pulse charge for long term maintenance.
• Ultra lower power consumption (ECO Mode).

Multi Stage:

• 1 - Qualification - Battery condition check
• 2 - Battery rejuvenation (recondition mode)
• 3 - Soft start charging
• 4 - Bulk charging
• 5 - Absorption charging
• 6 - Equalisation charging
• 7 - Battery analysis
• 8 - Float mode
• 9 - Long term maintenance pulse charge


• IP Rating:IP21
• Mounting Option:Wall Mountable
• Suit Battery Size:3 - 360AH
• Warranty:2 Years
• Charging Stages:9

• C-Tick

Cooling Method:
• Fan Cooled
• Passive / Natural

Standard Accessories:
• Crocodile Clips Harness
• Ring Terminal Harness

Safety and Protection:

• Internal Overheat Protection: The charger has a built-in overheat and an overload electronic circuit. This protects the charger from being damage if overheated or overloaded and will automatically decrease the charging current. Once the units internal temperature decreases to a safe level, the charger will resume normal charging.

• Safety Timer Protection: The charger has safety timers for every stage. If the battery voltage doesn't reach a certain voltage within a certain time, the unit will stop charging as it's highly likely that you're attempting to charge a severely discharged or heavily sulphated battery. If any of the stages time out, the charger will immediately stop charging in order to protect the battery. This will be indicated with the fault LED flashing slowly.

• Reverse Polarity: The charger has reverse polarity protection. If the charger output leads are connected reverse polarity, the fault LED will come on and the charger will be disabled. Simply unplug the charger from AC power and then connect the output leads to the correct polarity.

• Short Circuit Protection: The charger will automatically turn off if the output leads are short circuited and the fault LED will come on. This prevents the charger from being damaged if the positive and negative crocodile clips or the optional ring terminals accidently touch each other while the charger is turned on.

• Eco Mode: This Oz Charge battery charger has a built in ultra low power consumption circuit. If AC power is connected and the battery is disconnected, after 10 seconds the charger will automatically go into an ECO mode. During this mode the power drawn is less than 0.36W which totals 0.01kWh per day power consumption. If AC power is connected and the battery is connected, once the battery is fully charged and during the long term maintenance stage, the total power consumption is around 0.03kWh per day. Both the selected Charge rate and Battery type LED's will flash GREEN to indicate ECO mode.

Suit Battery Type:

• Calcium
• Gel
• Lead-Acid (Sealed/Wet/AGM/EFB)

Suitable for:

• Camper Trailer
• Golf Buggy
• Motor Home / Caravan / RV
• Car
• Motorcycle
• Truck
• Watercraft
• Houseboat
• Boat

Brochure (Ozcharge_OC-PRO1200_Brochure_D35.pdf, 396 Kb) [Download]
Owners Manual (OzCharge_Manual_PRO600_PRO1200_V1.0.pdf, 2,190 Kb) [Download]