Genuine SAAS Silicone Airbox to Turbo Intake Pipe for Triton 2.5L MN 09-

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SSH3301 Silicone Airbox to Turbo Intake Pipe

This 6 Ply Silicone Airbox to Turbo Intake hoses are the ideal replacement/upgrade for factory or OE style rubber hoses and come supplied with our dual bead stainless hose clamps

The SAAS SSH3301 is designed to replace the factory airbox to turbo intake and provides additional protection under high boost with its uprated 6 ply reinforced laminate construction. The 7mm wall thickness ensures maximum strength and distortion free operation.

The kit also features our new Stainless Dual Bead clamps which provide greater clamping pressure whilst mitigating the risk of cutting into your hose. Don’t be caught out with a split rubber hose roadside – upgrade to SAAS Silicone hoses today.

• Smooth Form 6 Ply polyester reinforced silicone
• 7mm wall thickness prevents "hose collapse"
• Red FMVQ Fluorosilicone lining providing greater resistance to oil mist and EGR by-products (see note)
• Stable operating temp from -50°C to +200°C
• 4:1 burst pressures at safe working loads
• Port provided for factory crankcase return
• Stainless Dual Bead Hose Clamps included

FVMQ Oil Resistence: FVMQ Fluorosilicones offer the highest level of oil resistence amongst the most common elastomers and are a popular solution within the aviation industry

Suitable for:
• 2.5L
• Mitsubishi Triton MN 4x4 only (From 2009-2014)