Genuine SAAS SG41264 Tachometer 0-11K Shiftlite 3-1/2 In dash Digital Series

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SG41264 Tachometer 0-11K Shiftlite 3 1/2" 89mm In Dash Muscle Digital Series

Presenting the latest in SAAS Muscle Digital Series Gauges - our full featured 0-11000 RPM Digital Tachometer designed for in-dash installation.

The new for 2022 SAAS Muscle Digital Series gauges give you digital readings with the added advantage of dimmable backlighting.

No moving components allows for a vibration proof environment making these gauges ideal for 4WD, offroad and performance applications


  • - 80mm Body OD / 89mm Bezel OD
  • - Maximum (Peak) RPM Recall - see your max RPM then clear the data at the touch of a button
  • - Built-In Pre-Shift Light Warning will illuminate when a pre-set RPM is reached
  • - Main Shift Light Indicator will illuminate AND sound a warning tone will sound when a pre-set RPM is reached
  • - Compatible with 99.9% of petrol engines. We have you covered with a choice of 1 to 9 cylinders for single or multi-coil engines. NO tach adaptor required!
  • - CAN-BUS Compatibility. VE Commodore and FG Falcon owners rejoice!
  • - OLED Multifunction Display window shows all user functions and setup functions
  • - Advanced 10 Colour LED Lighting with 5 levels of dimming for day and night modes.