Genuine SAAS Aluminium Pipe with Polished Finish 57mm Diameter x 90 Degree

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SP905757P Pipe 57mm Diameter x 90 Degree Aluminium Polished

Looking to add forced induction into your engine? SAAS intercooler pipes are made to handle the extreme pressures that come from forced induction like turbo systems. The bevelled edges help to maintain a strong join between pipes and reduce the possibility of air leaks.

We've adopted a good - better - best approach to our joiner pipes. If you're looking for a tricked up finish, try our polished aluminium pipes. Step up to our black powder coated series for extra durability with the added benefit of heat dissipation. And for the serious off roader or performance tuner, we have a premium stainless steel option.

• Suits 57mm hoses
• Polished Aluminium
• Beaded Pipe Ends for better sealing

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